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This page contains information about the Lenape Valley Lacrosse Club, for all of our players and parents, but especially for those who are new to our club.

"Successful lacrosse programs have successful lacrosse cultures”

Monthly Board /Parent Meetings
Held last Thursday on the month in High School health room at 7:30pm.
Next meeting 30th MAY, 2013
Open to all parents of youth & high school players who want to learn about the program and get more involved in the lacrosse league. COME AND GET INVOLVED!!!!!!!
Minutes from 2013 meetings:
05-02-2013 (Rescheduled from 04-25-13)

The only youth sports program that has full support and involvement of Lenape Valley Regional High School players, coaches and athletic director.

2006 The Beginning:
Lenape Valley Lacrosse program was started six years ago by Kevin Shannon and Skot Koenig who both were a vital part of building lacrosse programs in surrounding towns and personally funded the start of our program. Currently Kevin and Skot volunteer their time assisting Head High School Coach Kevin Earl and the 7th& 8th grade youth team.
Week long Summer Clinic only.

Lenape High School Club Team Boys & Girls - Only 3 games as club.
7th & 8th and 5th & 6th - Grade Youth Team
1st Annual Lenape Valley Lacrosse Festival

Lenape High school JV team only both Boys & Girls
7th & 8th and 5th & 6th grade team
First Youth Girls Clinic
2nd Annual Lenape Valley Lacrosse Festival

Lenape High School Boys & Girls Varsity & JV teams
7th & 8th and 5th & 6th grade boys teams
First girls team joined the league
3rd Annual Lenape Valley Lacrosse Festival
Two Lenape Valley High School boys players earned Daily Record Newspaper all area team honors
Two Lenape Valley players actively being recruited by NCAA college coaches.

Lenape High School Boys & Girls Varsity & JV teams
Grown to over 150 kids between High school & youth levels!!!!
7th & 8th , 5th & 6th , 3rd & 4th grade boys teams
Youth girls team 5th – 8th grade
4th Annual Lenape Valley Lacrosse Festival
Four Lenape Valley players actively recruited by NCAA coaches
High School Boys season finished 10-9, qualified for first ever State Tournament
Four players named to All Conference Honors
Three Players named to Star Ledger “All West” Honors
Two 2010 graduating seniors playing college lacrosse.
Pace University and SUNY Morrisville
Coach Shannon named Pooley Division, Lacrosse “Man of the Year”

Boys Youth level takes down to second graders
7th & 8th, 5th & 6th, 2nd - 3rd & 4th grade teams
Youth girls team 5th – 8th grade
5th Annual Lenape Valley Lacrosse Festival
High School Boys team featured on TV; MSG Varsity Game of the Week
4 Players named All Conference
3 Players named to NJ “All West Jersey” team


Youth Boys levels for grades 2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Youth Girls levels for grades
Boys and Girls High School Varsity and JV teams
Boys High School team finishes 10 - 8
Boys High School team qualifies for State Tournament for 2nd time in 3 years
Girls High School team finishes 2 - 14
6th Annual Lenape Valley Lacrosse Festival
5 Players make "All Division" Team
2 players make "All West Jersey" team
1 Player makes "All State"
4 HS Boys being recruited by NCAA colleges

Youth boys introduce 1st graders
Youth Boys levels for grades 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Youth Girls levels for grades 5,6,7,8
7th Annual Lenape Valley Lacrosse Festival
High School absorbs from LVLC both Boys and Girls Varsity and JV teams as fully sanctioned school programs
Currently have 7 LVLC male alumni playing NCAA college lacrosse
Currently have 1 LVLC female alumni playing NCAA college lacrosse

2012 Board Members & Active Volunteers
Kevin Shannon – Exec. Board, Pres, 8th grade Coach, High School Coach
Scott Koenig – Exec. Board, VP, 8th grade coach, High school Coach
GiGi Shannon - Exec. Board, Secretary, Snack Stand
Mark Smith – Exec Board, Treasurer
Geri Dirupo - Exec Board, Registration, Youth & High school Equipment Coordinator
Laurie Boyle – Exec Board, Registration, Equipment
Karina Conrad - Boys JV team mom, Team Clothing & Pictures Coordinator
Karen Carpentier – 7th & 8th grade team mom, Lenape Festival chair
Toni Olson- Youth Girls coach
John Goula – Youth Boys Chairman and 3rd & 4th grade Coach
Julia Berry – Web Master ( Youth & high school) www.lenapevalleylacrosse.com
Team Mom - Girls High Schoo l- TBD
Youth Snack Stand Coordinator- Karen C, Dawn Goula & Laura Togno
Chris Cartwright – Exec. Board, Public Relations , Fundraising
Laura Togno – Youth Fundraising
Steve Berghorn- Youth Girls Coach
Kevin Earl - Exec Board Boys High School team liaison
Kelly Kummerer- Exec. Board Girls High School team liaison
Lisa Smith - Boys High School Team Mom, High School Snack Stand Chair

Internet Contacts & Information
www.lenapevalleylacrosse.com – HS and Youth information, photos, schedules etc.
Where In The World – send in any pictures wearing Lenape Valley lacrosse gear has been.
Lenape Valley Facebook page

Scoreboard & Time Keeper at games
Anyone willing to take photo actions shots and send to Julia Berry for website
Snack Stand volunteers
Field set up & clean up

Each child is covered under the US Lacrosse insurance policy paid for with registration fees.

Corporate Field Banner Program
Kids picture buttons

Please get involved